New York City Expert Art Installers Work with AMLgMATD

In the weary depths of winter there’s now a bright spot on the ceiling of a Manhattan corporate office. New York City expert art installers, ILevel, worked with AMLgMATD and Annette Jaffe Interiors to install this vibrant and colorful lawn chair inspired artwork. AMLgMATD is a collaboration between Laz Ojalde and Natalie Zlamalova. The duo specializes in creating works of art and site specific installations that repurpose materials, patterns, and colors from the everyday to world to create new and whimsical pieces.

This installation has a great backstory. The grandfather of the CEO of the company where this work is installed invented the folding lawn chair. Since folding lawn chairs are familiar to everyone on the planet, it goes without saying that his business was very successful. Eventually, the family moved into real estate, and now this piece hangs in their corporate offices. We love when it all comes full circle!

Expert art installers review a schematic of an art installation project

We’re often provided with schematics for our installations, and we frequently have to tweak them to fit the dimensions of a location. This is where our experience and technical skills are on full display.

Expert art installer at work

Here are the ILevel expert art installers in action.

Here’s a close up of one of the pieces.


AMLgMATD also created the Floridiana WEBSTR stool, a reimagined lawn chair. They’ve up-cycled vintage lawn chair webbing, saving it from the landfill, and bringing it back to life in bright and sunny color combinations like Sea Breeze Aqua, Garden Green, and Citrus Yellow.

ILevel projects come in all shapes and sizes, from technical projects like this one, to more straightforward frames on walls types of arrangements. We’d love to hear about the details of your next project. Give us a call at 212.477.4319 or contact us here.