Arranging Art Around Large Windows

Walls of windows are never a bad thing in a home…especially in New York City, where they can open up the feel of a small space, and provide beautiful, panoramic views and vistas. However, big windows can create a challenge when it comes to deciding where to hang art in the room. Clients have come to us concerned about whether hanging and arranging art around large windows compete with the view, or wondering how to maximize the small spaces between windows for art…and even how to hang art in front of large windows (the end result was stunning).

Here are a few examples of project where we installed art on walls with large windows, which will hopefully provide some inspiration for the many beautiful solutions to this great problem to have.

In this Manhattan high rise, the client had many narrow spaces between the windows of their living room. Leaving the spaces blank would have left too much white space, but there wasn’t enough room for large works. Instead, we installed individual gallery walls between the windows, using coordinating frames and art to create a unified feel.
arranging art around large windows
As we mentioned, we did have a client who wanted art hung in front of their windows. Though it’s not a conventional choice, the result was breathtaking.
hanging art in front of windows 2
In this case, the client had entire walls made of glass, and preferred an unobstructed view. Instead of hanging art, they opted for sculptures staged around the room, and a single, minimalist print hanging above the fireplace.
arranging art floor to ceiling windows
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