5 Reasons to Call a Professional Picture Hanger

If you’ve got a photo hanging or art installation project planned for your home, you may be struggling with the decision to do-it-yourself, or hire a professional picture hanger. While the DIY route can be a great option for simpler projects, for more complicated installs, a professional will save you time, stress, and money. Here are a few instances when we recommend calling a professional picture hanger.

1. If the piece you’re hanging is especially large or heavy. If you’ve got a heavy antique mirror, or an oversize work of art, you’ll need to get some help to hang it. Not only will a pro ensure the handling and hanging process goes smoothly (a shattered mirror is bar luck for seven years…and we feel the same way about shattered picture frames!), but, since large and heavy works often require specialized hanging techniques or security hardware, they will also make sure the right hardware is used so the piece stays put.
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2. If you have a large art collection. Did you recently move and now need to hang your large art collection in your new home? Call a professional. ILevel’s staff, for example, is not only trained in installation, but they have an art background as well, so they can offer the best arrangement solutions for the art from both an aesthetic and practical standpoint.

Photos courtesy of Brown Harris Stevens
Photos courtesy of Brown Harris Stevens

3. If safety is a concern. If you have small children in your home and want to make sure your art won’t fall off of the wall, or if you’re hanging art in a restaurant, boutique or other public space, a professional picture hanger is the way to go. Again, they will be able to use the proper security hardware to essentially “lock” the art to your walls, preventing accidents and theft.
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4. If your project is specialized. Want to hang a mirror tilted downward? Need help hanging art in a trade show booth? Looking to hang objects or sculpture on your wall? Then you’ll definitely need a pro. They’ll have the training, creativity and tools to give you the result you’re after.
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5. If you don’t have an “eye.” If design isn’t your thing, or you can’t “see” what your project will look like in your mind before you start, it’d be wise to get a professional opinion. Eyeballing where to hang pictures and art…especially if you’re planning a gallery wall, or another project that require multiple pieces to be hung, can quickly turn frustrating if you start nailing holes in your walls and the results aren’t what you want.
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Think you need a professional picture hanger? Give ILevel a call, or get a quick quote using our online estimate form.