Beautiful examples of Art Above the Fireplace

If there’s a fireplace in a room, then there’s a good chance it’s also the focal point of the space: the feature around which you plan the room’s layout and orient your furniture. That also means that the fireplace–and the space above it–instantly becomes an important visual element of the room design, too. We say, take the opportunity to use this prime real estate to show off your very best art above the fireplace. Here are some photos from our client projects that have done just that.

In a bedroom in an old home, the homeowners took a cue from the antique style of the fireplace and chose classic artwork in an elegant gold frame.

The same goes for this simple fireplace setup in a New York home. Both the art and frame echo the linear, clean-lined design of the fireplace, and the piece is well proportioned both to the fireplace itself (it’s almost the exact same size as the fireplace box) and the space between the windows.
art above the fireplace
This next photo shows off a beautiful solution for fireplaces situated on a long wall with open space on either side. In this home, which we worked on in conjunction with One King’s Lane, the oversized mural above the fireplace is just a piece of a larger art arrangement the perfectly fills out the wall. The key to making it work: choosing similarly sized art to flank the fireplace.

Image via One King’s Lane

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