A Glamorous, Layered Art Arrangement in New York City

We’ve seen some beautifully decorated rooms in our careers, but this next space might take a top spot as one of the most dreamy bedrooms we’ve ever stepped foot in. Set high in a Manhattan apartment building overlooking the city, the room inside was every bit as glamorous, layered and cosmopolitan as the view.

The chic space was designed around a tight, neutral color palette of gray and white, meaning texture played a huge role in defining the decor scheme and making the space feel comfortable and welcoming. One of the major design elements in the room was the wall treatments. One end was covered in a sleek marble-effect wallcovering, while the other was draped in beautiful silk fabric, creating a perfect harmony of hard and soft, linear and organic.

Naturally, our favorite element of the space was the art arrangement, which was done directly atop the wallcoverings, giving the room depth and adding interest to the monochrome scheme. Hanging art over a beautiful wallcovering, especially a loose fabric one, is a big design risk, but in this case, we think it paid off. What do you think?
art arrangement on wallpaper glamorous art arrangement on wallpaper
art arrangement over fabric
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