Art Ideas for a Loft Space

Industrial, open-concept, high-ceilinged loft spaces are one of New York City’s most sought after residences. For art-lovers, loft apartments are even more coveted: lots of wallspace and plenty of windows create the perfect canvas for showcasing collections.

Looking to make the most of your New York loft? Here are a few of our favorite art ideas for a loft space.

Make the most of the high ceilings.
While typical wall-art  wisdom dictates art be hung at or near eye level, in a loft space, all bets are off. We love the look of this singular canvas suspended high over the living room in this Los Angeles loft (which is currently available for rent on AirBnB!) This photo also demonstrates another of our loft wall art tips: Don’t be afraid of brick! A professional art installation company like ILevel can help you hang your wall art safely and securely  on a brick wall.

loft space art ideas
Image via AirBnB

Create you own gallery.
What better use for a massive wall than turning it into a gallery of art, photography, and illustration? This eclectic, yet cohesive version is the ideal example of how to do it right: a variety of media, frames, and styles give the gallery wall interest, but a subdued, monochromatic color palette make it feel unified and intentional.
loft space gallery wall
Image via ShockBlast on Pinterest

Get the windows involved.
Are the walls of your loft space mostly windows? That doesn’t mean you have to go without art. Instead, try hanging your wall art in front of your windows (yes, you can do that!) instead, like in the Manhattan home of one of our art installation clients.
Image via ILevel

For more wall art ideas for your home, or for help making your ideas come to life, stop by our New York City studio at 37 E 7th St., or get in touch at