Wall Art Ideas for Your Beach House

A beach house is a place for enjoying the company of family and friends, and reveling in the natural beauty all around. We believe that your decor, including your wall art, should reflect this purpose. That said, here are a few of our favorite wall art ideas for your beach house.

Decor inspired by the sea.
We recently installed a gallery wall in a client’s home that was the perfect collection of seaside-inspired works. From watercolor landscapes, to illustrations of marine life and sketches or coral, it had a little bit of everything that makes the beach such a special place to be. We also loved the client’s decision to hang the gallery wall atop a gorgeous, sea green grasscloth wallpaper.
coastal wall art idea
Objects from the sea.
Get inspired by messages in a bottle and showcase an array of vintage medicine bottles in sea-glass colors like blue, brown, and green. Or show off a hard-earned shell collection by mounting a few favorites in shadow boxes and hanging them on the wall (you kids will love contributing to this idea!)

A family photo wall.
If your beach house is your family’s place to get away from it all, why not fill it will images of your best memories there? A curated family photo wall is not only personal and beautiful, it’s something you can add to summer after summer as you make new memories.

hallway family photo wall
Local nautical maps.
If you’re an avid boater, there are few more appropriate or original ideas that hanging a collection of vintage nautical maps. We love the idea of collecting prints that depict the same spot over the years, or displaying maps of each of your favorite beaches and marinas.

Have a wall in your beach house that needs art or decor? Get in touch with ILevel. We can help you create the perfect family photo wall, arrange your favorite art, or even curate a custom art collection for your space.