3 Examples of ILevel’s Art Installation and Picture Hanging Featured in Elle Decor

It’s great to see a project we’ve worked on showcased in a national magazine, but it’s even better when that magazine is Elle Décor. And better, still, when that magazine includes more than one of our projects. This month’s Elle Décor highlights three examples of recent art installation and picture hanging we’ve completed in conjunction with New York interior designers, and all are equally stunning.

The first project was done with well-known designer Jeffrey Bilhuber, who often takes a classic spin on traditional American design, as seen in the photo below. The art is also traditional with a spin — the landscape paintings sit in traditional frames, but are abstract.

Photos courtesy of Elle Decor
Photos courtesy of Elle Decor

The second art installation was done in an apartment designed by Steven Gambrel  for a European couple, located in New York’s Plaza Hotel.




The third and final project was completed with Todd Romano. The space is lively and even a tad whimsical, but still chic and elegant, and the art, mirrors and photos hung reflect that same sensibility. elle-decor-Toddromano1