Hanging Art from a Cable System

For the most part, we hang art by securing it to a wall. But, sometimes, our clients ask us to get creative. One of the most commonly requested, but still unique ways we install is by hanging art from a cable system. This creates a modern look that works well in contemporary spaces, lofts and apartments with an urban feel. Below, ILevel founder David Kassel explains a recent art installation, done by suspending the work from cables.
hanging art from a cable system
“The cable system we use is really great. We usually install a rail at the ceiling either on the wall or on the ceiling,” David says. “This was a slight variation in that we installed the same system from fixed points instead.” (See above).
hanging art from a cable system 2

The client was a repeat ILevel customer on the Upper West Side, who wanted the cable system for a specific reason. “We had installed a tapestry for these clients before and they wanted the same system so the paneling would not be damaged. Usually we discourage customers from worrying about the paneling because we prefer not to have any distraction of hardware and paneling can be touched up if another art work doesn’t cover any pre-existing holes.” In this case, however, the cable system was a great option both to suit the client’s wishes, as well as in terms of aesthetics, since it adds an interesting, contemporary element to an already modern-feeling space.

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