Art Installation at the Ricco Maresca Gallery

In addition to residential clients and interior designers, we often work with art galleries to switch out their exhibits, and figure out how to best showcase the work of a new artist.

Recently, we got a chance to work on a very unique new art installation at one of our long time galleries, Ricco Maresca, in Chelsea. The exhibit, called “Body Electric,” showcases work by tattoo artists from around the world. According to the gallery,  “Body Electric” introduces a new generation of conceptual trailblazers. The visual art featured here reflects their tattoo sensibility—the next best thing to showcasing the living canvases that bear their designs.”

Some of  the work that’ll be featured include that of Swiss artist Jacqueline Spoerle, Los Angeles-based Chuey Quintanar, New Yorker Duke Riley, and Argentinian Nazareno Tubaro.

In addition to the newcomers, the exhibit will also showcase a selection of pieces by well-known tattoo artists like Sailor Jerry, the Hawaiian visionary who is also known for mentoring Ed Hardy.

Check out a few of the photos we took after the art was installed below (but we highly recommend taking some time to see it in person while it’s there, through October 24!).
art installation at ricco maresca gallery
RM GAllery
art installation at ricco maresca gallery