Avenue Magazine Awards ILevel an “Honorable Mention”

Avenue Magazine recently awarded ILevel and honorable mention. wish there was a link that I could post to the blurb but there is none. You can however, see the write-up yourself (written by yours truly) in this month’s issue of Avenue Magazine, page 66. A special thank you to Avenue for recognizing ILevel’s unique business model and asking us participate.
In the meantime, here is your sneak preview…

Picture this: In fewer than 24 hours, you’re realtor is scheduled to visit you at your home and the place is on the verge of looking perfect. That’s before you remember the stack of framed paintings and photographs that need to be hung in order for everything to look just right. You study the pile and then glance at the freshly painted walls, cringing at the idea of making unsightly holes. Simultaneously you realize you have no hardware to hang them with anyway. What do you do?

That’s the situation a gentlemen in the West Village was recently faced with. After a quick phone call to his professional organizer, he was given the name and phone number for ILevel, the nation’s premier art installation company whose office happens to be right here in Manhattan. After 20 years under the ownership of collage artist David Kassel, this small yet thriving company has made a name for itself among the galleries, decorators and homeowners in the city. A few hours later a professional art handler arrived at his door with tools in hand and a wealth of knowledge for artistic arrangements. After one hour that included a thorough consultation and the careful hanging of seven pieces, the project was completed and the client couldn’t have been happier with the results. Just another reason to love New York, and ILevel.