6 Beautiful Examples of Layered Art

One of our favorite decor trends of the moment is the layered art look. Mixing pieces leaned up against the wall with pieces hanging on it, or bookcases arranged with art both atop the shelves and hanging off of them. Layering art is a beautiful way to showcase a variety of smaller works (it’s a great substitution for a gallery wall!), highlight contrast between different pieces, and add a unique and different aspect to your decor.

Here are a few of our favorite examples of layered art we’ve seen lately, and what we love about them.

1. First up, a combination of black-and-white photography arranged gallery style, along with a few pieces leaned atop a console table. This would be perfect for an entryway!

6- black and white wall art from the right bank

2. A similar setup, but this one adds mirrors and wall sconces to the mix.

5- leaning wall art via domainehome

3. This is a look that insanely popular right now: Floating shelves, filled with art.

4- leaning wall art apt therapy

4. Another gorgeous entryway solution that mixes in both photos and art.

3-etryway wall art

5. Hanging art from the front of bookshelves and on the wall instantly adds a cool, unconventional twist to a space.

2-layered art via apartment therapy

6. We love how these shelves are layered for both form and function, with stacks of books stationed next to illustrations, album covers, and framed photographs.

1- bookshelf with art via refinery29

Would you try this look? Which one is your favorite?