Interview: Brooklyn Interior Designer Allie Bocon

We got a chance to chat with Brooklyn interior designer Allie Bocon, formerly of Jeffrey Bilhuber, now the owner of her own firm, Collected, about her design philosophy, favorite resources in New York City and, of course, what’s hanging on her walls.
brooklyn interior design
You recently started your own interior design firm. What’s your design philosophy?

The name of my firm is Collected, as in collected possessions, spaces, memories – all aspects that are collected by us to create a truly fulfilled life. Collected was formed on my design philosophy of combining modern luxury with personal expression to create truly authentic spaces. I believe that the best projects are formed from combining beautifully crafted selected pieces by me as the designer and pieces of furniture, collections of artwork or other possessions that mean something to the client. Where these two paths cross is where a space is created that is both unique to the client, comfortable, modern and always chic! In addition to this philosophy of collaboration and collection, I also love bringing to projects a modern global perspective on design and a commitment to local craftsmanship to transcend trend to instead focus on spaces that are enduring.

jarontiques chair
A chair from Jarontiques. Photo courtesy of Jarontiques

What are your favorite resources–both retail and wholesale–for furnishings and decor in New York and beyond?

I am very fortunate to live and work in New York City where I am always inspired by the people and the city itself. Plus, the shopping is amazing! Personally, I love to shop vintage and thrift stores in Brooklyn where I can find beautiful pieces and then recover them for a unique take on an older piece. Brooklyn Vintage is perfect for this! I am very into mid-century modern piece and Jarontiques has the best pieces that are both unique and perfectly vintage. For accessories, I love Haus Interiors in Nolita. The girls there are so helpful, chic and have the best and most interesting collection of housewares. Every time I stop in there are always new things for me to select from. Although I love shopping in New York City, I am really inspired by furniture and accessories from around the world. I recently came back from a shopping trip with a client in Sweden and instantly fell in love with Svenskt Tenn. Here they have all the classic Swedish furniture from Josef Frank as well as all his textiles. I instantly picked up throw pillows for all my designer friends!

A tableware vignette from Haus Interiors. Photo courtesy of Haus Interiors.
A tableware vignette from Haus Interiors. Photo courtesy of Haus Interiors.

As someone who has worked with ILevel in the past, what are the greatest benefits of working with a professional art installation service on a project?

Interior design can definitely get tricky at times. I coordinate with so many vendors to create just one piece of furniture. So when it comes to picking the people that I want to work with, I choose wisely. I prefer to work with vendors who are intelligent, creative, skilled and willing to problem solve. This is why all the guys at ILevel are the best! They take in my design intent and then collaborate with me to make it even better. In all my years of working with them through the various firms that I have worked under, I have asked the guys at ILevel to push there abilities to think outside the box and they have always delivered incredible results. Plus, they are tons of fun!

What is currently hanging on your walls?

I consider my walls a work in progress because I can never decide what exactly to put on them! I love searching out up and coming artists both locally and abroad. I am currently obsessing over Sophie Victoria Elliott’s work! She is a UK based artist that creates works based on maps, geology and landscapes. Her use of color and composition have such movement that it really captivates the viewer!. Luckily, my boyfriend feels the same way about discovering new artist! Currently, his own art hangs on our walls, along with his vintage 1967 Zurich Opera House poster by Josef Muller-Brockmann. It is a linocut print.