How to Decorate an Office Lobby

The lobby of an office is the first impression that visitors, customers and employees get of your business, so it’s important to make the space reflect the qualities and values you want to highlight about your company. It’s also important to make the space interesting, welcoming and comfortable, since guests often spend some time there while they wait to be greeted. Of course, our top suggestion on how to decorate an office lobby? Choose your art wisely. Here, a few office lobby projects we recently worked on.

Large, translucent art adds interest to an otherwise minimal space, but still fits with the modern feel.
art in office lobby
Another great idea (especially if you work in a creative field) is to frame top-quality samples of your work. Below, an installation we did in the office of Anastasia Photography.  
how to decorate an office lobby 1
With a neat arrangement of colorful, Warhol photos of Marilyn Monroe, this lobby screams “we’re a lively, creative company that’s structured but not stuffy.”
contemporary office lobby
Need some help figuring out what you want your lobby to convey? We can help! Give us a call to discuss how to hang photos in your office lobby.