Unique Ideas for Wall Art

When people think about what to hang on their walls, they usually think in terms of one of three categories: art, mirrors or photos. While all of these things make great additions to any home, it can sometimes be fun to think outside the box about what to put on your walls. We’ve had the pleasure of seeing some very unique ideas for wall art come to life in the homes and offices of some of our clients, from hanging jewelry, to large sculpture and even room screens.

Below are some of our favorite unique ideas for wall art–hopefully they will inspire you to think about decorating your home in a new way.

We installed photos of jewelry designer David Webb’s work in his studio, but wouldn’t it be cool to frame the real thing? Perhaps antique or family heirloom pieces?

David Webb framed jewelry on wall

Or how about this graphic installation of oversized lifesaver candy art in a stairway?

 Don’t be afraid to go 3-D. These wheels were hung by cables from the ceiling, creating a stunning multi-dimensional display.

wheels hanging on wall

Here, a bright sculptural piece has big impact on a neutral wall.

unique wall art sculpture

Or, display a collection on shelves (both built in shelving, like below, or floating shelves will work).

tribal head sculptures

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