Collage Artist Clare Goddard at ILevel Studio

ILevel is pleased to showcase Clare Goddard at ILevel Studio. Clare describes her work for Remodelista. “I collect bits and pieces from junk shops and random things that people normally throw away—used train tickets, old letters and photos, packaging, rusty cutlery, odd buttons, scraps of fabric. These things have all served their purpose in the past, and I enjoy being able to bring them together to create something beautiful.”

Hand stitched paper with letter stamps

She sources objects from flea markets, from a client’s hoarding of family documents, or from friends and customers who collect things they think Clare will like. She combines the objects with natural materials like tar she makes in the Finnish forests, moose hair, charcoal, and paper. Clare recycles the objects, reinterpreting them, displacing them from their conventional situation and giving them a new contemporary role.

Tea collage with number stamps

Each piece is unique, and Clare often collaborates with individual clients. The resulting museum-like collages challenge the accepted past roles of the objects and their functionality.
Collaged botanicals, arrangement by ILevel

Clare is a British born artist/designer based in Derbyshire. A graduate of the Royal College of Art in London, she exhibits and sells her work internationally with clients throughout Europe, North America, and Japan.

We have over 30 of Clare’s unique pieces at ILevel Studio, and all are surprisingly affordable. If you’d like to view her work in person, please contact or call 212.477.4319.