Creating a Gallery Wall With a Theme

The beauty of gallery walls is that there’s really no right or wrong way to create one. You can fashion a gallery wall to suit virtually any design style or personal taste, from eclectic mash-ups of different genres and frame styles, to perfectly symmetrical, color-coordinating walls that follow a well-planned décor scheme.

Recently, however, we’ve noticed a lot of our clients inquiring about creating a gallery wall with a theme, whether its maps of Paris, or a series of works from the same artist. The results have been stunning, and the repetition creates extra impact.

Here’s a recent install we did of a dozen black and white maps. Beautiful, no?
creating a gallery wall with a theme - maps
Another recent gallery wall with a theme, this time using watercolor paintings hung on closet doors.
creating a gallery wall with watercolor paintings
This time, the client opted for brightly colored, soft focus images of flowers.
creating a gallery wall with a theme - photography
Last but not least, a series of small paintings create one large montage and tells a story.
gallery wall small paintings
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