Creating an Art Gallery on a Brick Wall

A brick wall is a unique accent that instantly adds character to a home — but it can also present challenges when it  comes to decorating. Hanging wall art and photos on brick is not as easy as simply nailing a picture hanger into a stud or screwing an anchor into some drywall. It takes a little bit more planning and effort to display art on a masonry surface like brick, plaster, or concrete … but it can be done. We recently created an art gallery on a brick wall for one of our clients and it turned out beautifully.
art gallery on a brick wall
There are two ways to effectively hang your art on a brick wall, and the one you choose will depend on what sort of art you plan to hang, and whether or not you are OK with putting holes in your brick wall.

The first way to hang art on brick is to use spring clips. This hardware essentially latches on to the top and bottom of the individual bricks. While this is a perfectly fine solution for lightweight pieces, or inexpensive works, if you have fine art or large, heavy pieces, it’s better to use the second method, which is drilling into the wall itself.
art on a brick wall
To do this, you’ll need a masonry drillbit, plastic anchors that match the size of the drillbit, a hammer, and screws. It’s important to note that you should only drill into the mortar,of the wall, not the actual brick itself. If the brick cracks, it could end up costing a lot of money to replace and even interfere with the integrity of the wall. Once you drill your hole, insert the plastic anchor like you would if you were hanging art on drywall, and lightly tap it with a hammer until it’s  flush. Then, screw in a screw and hang your art.

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