Hanging Art Around the Bathtub

There’s nothing more relaxing than a giant soaking tub with a view. But if your bathroom isn’t designed overlooking a scenic vista, there’s another way to surround yourself with beautiful sights: hanging art around the bathtub. It might seem a bit odd at first, but as bathrooms are increasingly being redefined as spaces of leisure and relaxation, it makes perfect sense that the walls be treated as blank canvases for contemplative pieces, or art that simply makes you smile.

Of course, there are a number of logistical considerations that come into play when installing art in a wet space like around the tub. For one, you’ll want to hang it high enough that it won’t run the risk of regularly being splashed, or choose a weatherproof frame for added protection. Obviously, if your bathtub and shower stall are combined, this idea won’t work for your home.

There’s also the walls themselves to consider. In the photos below, of a recent installation we did on Park Avenue in Manhattan, the homeowner wanted art hung on porcelain tile. To prevent the need to drill into the tile, ruining it should they ever want to remove the art, we used an epoxy to attach art hooks to the wall. That way, the hooks and art can be removed without damaging the tile underneath, but the art is still securely affixed.

We recently installed this beautiful arrangement in the bathroom of one of our clients.

What do you think of this idea? Would you ever hang art around the bathtub in your house?