Creative Picture Hanging Ideas from the ILevel Archives

We’ve hung thousands of pictures, works of art, and framed photos in the homes of our clients, and we’ve seen, and come up with, some wonderfully creative ways to do it. If you’re looking for some creative picture hanging ideas, check out these photos from our archives that just might inspire your display.

1. This is still one of our favorite projects and ideas to date. This room was created for the 2007 Kips Bay Decorator Show House by interior designer Eric Cohler. If you look closely at the wall art in the two photos below, you can see that it’s actually twofold: mirrors are hung to the wall, and the photographs are suspended by wire from the ceiling, and positioned to hang directly in front of the mirrors.
2. Here’s another one of our show house favorites. This time, the designer was the eclectic duo behind Madcap Cottage. What strikes us about this is the layering of the bright wall art over the bright wallpaper. The reason this works, and our recommendation to anyone thinking about hanging wall art on a wallpapered wall, is that there are thick mats around all of the photos. The mats coordinate with the wallpaper, while creating a graphic separation between it and the photos, so nothing gets lost. Beautiful!
3. At first glance, this next example may just look like wall art positioned on shelves, but if you look a little closer you can see that some of the art is actually hung on the walls behind the shelves, creating a layered look that’s neat, graphic, and more visually appealing than art that’s just propped on shelves. Since all of the space is used and filled out, no one area looks too cluttered or too empty.
Family photo gallery
4. This is another project we worked with designer Eric Cohler on. This is one of the images that’s most loved by not only us, but also by our Houzz & Pinterest followers, and our clients. The wall art here is placed over the window walls in this New York City apartment.
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