Easy Wall Art Ideas for Over the Bed

Down the hallway, over the sofa, above the bed. These are three of the most common spots we’re asked to install art and hang pictures. When it comes to choosing art, the latter is the one we get the most questions on. The bedroom is a highly personal space, and therefore, many of our clients put a lot of thought into what they display there. Our advice? Choose something that’s beautiful or personal that complements your decor.

Need a little inspiration? Here are some of our favorite examples of easy decorating ideas for over the bed.

1. In this recent client project, we arranged photos in a peak above the bed frame, which adds a sense of architecture, and helps fill the space between the headboard and the high ceiling much better than if the frames were arranged in a straight line.

2. We love how the art in this this next example, from Better Homes & Gardens, is arranged in a grid directly above the headboard, which creates a distinct, high-impact focal point for the room.
3. Here, a sunburst mirror is offset by two stacked frames on either side of the bed, which creates a sense of symmetry.
4. A shelf over the bed provides the option to display a few of your favorite things, and swap them out as the mood strikes.
shelf - over-the-bed via outboathouse
For more creative ideas, or for help hanging art in the space above your bed, get in touch with us!