4 Essential Tools for Hanging Pictures and Art

The staff at ILevel has hung thousands (upon thousands) of photos and works of art. But, even though we could probably hang a picture in our sleep, there are still tools that we wouldn’t dream of arriving on a job without. These items ensure that each piece we install is hung in the right place, and that it stays there securely. Here, our list of five essential tools for hanging pictures and art.

picture hanging between chairs

1. A measuring tape. “Eyeballing” the spot you decide to hang a picture usually generates less-than-desired results. The extra minute or two it takes you to measure a precise location–one that is centered and at the proper height–will be well worth it.

2. A level. Like a measuring tape, a level is an indispensable tool for getting a professional-looking result when you hang art or pictures. Whether you use a laser level or the old fashioned kind is a matter of preference.

3. The right hardware. Make sure that you have proper hardware (and enough of it) before you start hammering holes in your walls. (There’s nothing more annoying that a mid-project Home Depot run!) Lighter pieces will be safe on a simple nail and picture hook, but heavier ones will require more specialized hardware, like French cleats or heavy duty D-rings. We recommend securing art to the wall from at least three points, so make sure you have enough of the hardware you choose.

4. Proper backup. If you have a heavy mirror or framed piece, or an especially large work of art (more than three feet in any direction), get a friend or family member to help you hang it. That way, you won’t risk dropping or breaking the piece, or hurting yourself. If a job is tricky or specialized, consider seeking the help of a professional. Even we do it! When hanging art on mirrored walls, for example, we call a glazier to drill holes in the glass for us.