The Creative Process: A Stairway Photo Gallery

Successfully hanging art and pictures is about more than just technical details. Sure, it’s important to make certain that a piece is hung straight and securely, but art installation should be a creative process, too. Art should just feel “right” in the spot where it hangs.

When we start a job, we always take time to talk to each client about the feel and aesthetic they want to create in their home, and to use that as a framework to come up with an arrangement that meets those goals. As an example, here’s a rundown of our creative process from a stairway photo gallery we recently did for a client. Maybe it will inspire you to create your own art showcase!

“For this installation, the client had a grouping of about 17 pieces to go on the wall above the staircase,” says Alan, the ILevel installer who completed the job. “We agreed that the three largest pieces, which were also in color, should be spaced throughout the wall and the smaller black and white ones would fill in the gaps. There was some debate as to where the largest piece should go so I made two sketches. One layout showed the piece at the middle of the composition, the other showed it lower down the stairs. After drawing them out the client and I agreed that it looked best in the middle.”

Below is the final sketch the client chose for their stairway photo gallery.
sketch of stairway photo gallery arrangement
Once the layout was agreed upon, Alan began to hang each piece, starting with the largest one. As the wall started to come together, tweaks were made to achieve the best result. “Every few pieces I would step back and make slight adjustments,” he says. “But the final layout (below) was pretty close to what I sketched.”
stairway photo gallery
Want to create your own stairway photo gallery? Contact ILevel to talk about your vision!