5 Beautiful Examples of Stairway Gallery Walls

You probably don’t spend much time in your stairway. But, that doesn’t mean it should be ignored when designing your home. Stairways provide valuable real estate for art and pictures, and hanging the right pieces there can make it a place worthy of lingering. Here, five of our favorite examples of stairway gallery walls that we have installed in the homes of our clients.

1. A variety of styles and colors of art to creates an eclectic, but still thoughtful looking gallery wall in a rounded staircase.

2. A complete opposite sensibility from above, this all-white gallery wall is high impact.
gallery wall stairway all white photos

3. Large, black-and-white photos of similar sizes create a unified look.
gallery wall stairway black and white
4. Graphic art hangs over a staircase in a modern loft.
gallery wall stairway modern loft

5. A single row of pictures steps up with the stairs.
gallery wall stairway large photos

Thinking about creating a hanging photos in your stairway? Have questions about stairway gallery walls? Just want to talk over an installation idea you have? ILevel can help! Here’s how to contact us.
P.S.: We’ve got more images of beautiful stairway art and photo installations on our Houzz and Pinterest pages, so be sure to check those out for additional information!