Fathers’ Day Gift Idea: The ILevel Family Photo Wall

Father’s Day is coming up quick, and if you’re still in search of a  unique, personal gift that will show dad how much he’s appreciated, we’ve got an idea for you: The ILevel family photo wall. We’ll help you create a beautiful, professionally framed, one-of-a-kind showcase of your family’s favorite memories right in your own home–it’s a gift dad will enjoy year round.

A recent example of an ILevel family photo wall.
A recent example of an ILevel family photo wall.

The ILevel team will help you sort through all of your family photos—whether they’re in an album, on a disk or even on your cell phone—print and frame the best ones, and hang your new photos in an eye-catching arrangement in your home. You can either surprise dad with a finished wall, or let him in on the process of choosing the photos.

family photo wall

The best part? The wall can be added on to as your family grows and new memories are made, so you can start a tradition dad will look forward to every year.

For more information and to get started on your family photo wall, give us a call at 212.477.4319 or email