What’s New in Gallery Walls in NYC

Gallery walls have been popular for over 400 years, when they originated in the Paris Salons of the 1600’s. Their popularity is easy to explain; gallery walls are personal and can be a reflection of a collector’s style, they’re great conversation starters, and they allow for endless and unexpected combinations of images and objects.

Since ILevel creates a lot of gallery walls, both grid and salon style, our professional art installers are uniquely qualified to talk about what they’re seeing that’s new and interesting. Here are a few of the trends we’ve noticed:

An eclectic and intentionally lowbrow style, rather than a polished or formal look.
Think mismatched frames, flea market finds, and different types of art from works on paper to oil paintings and tattoo art, to portraits, and even three-dimensional objects all put together in one stunning salon display.
Grids are still popular. We like the idea of framing a portfolio of a certain artist, or breaking up a book of prints to make a grid of same-sized images like the botanical prints below.
Micro gallery walls fill niches in small spaces.
Gallery walls aren’t just for those with lots of wall space to fill. Everyone seems to want a gallery wall regardless of their home size, and a micro arrangement of small pieces is a great solution. Check out this three piece salon arrangement of ice blue crystals in a bathroom.
Three-dimensional objects in salon walls.
We’ve seen antlers, plaques, and plates, mixed with watercolors, family photos, and other framed pieces. And we’ve created salon displays using only three-dimensional objects like this display of antique glass medicine bottles on wall wedges.
Family photo salon walls never go out of style.
Photo salon walls are always popular, especially installations like this beauty. The variety of photo and frame sizes, matching black modern frames, and artful composition make this a stunning salon wall.
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