Tips for Choosing a Professional Picture Hanging Service in NYC

You’ve moved and your walls are bare. You’re having a party and need that mirror on the wall before the weekend. You want to get those family photos off of your floor and onto your wall, pronto.

You could try to solve these problems yourself. Or you could spare your walls the extra holes and yourself the headache, and get the best results by hiring a professional picture hanging service.
Whether your project is large or small, we’ve got tips for choosing a professional art installer that’s right for you:
1. Hire specialists: The handyman and the moving guys don’t specialize in picture hanging. Look for a company that is solely focused on picture hanging and art installation. Importantly, the most qualified firms will have two types of insurance, professional and general liability.
2. Years of experience: Picture hanging may seem straight forward, but those that have been in the business for years bring a higher level of expertise. There are many fly-by-night freelancers who hang art as a sideline or a temporary gig. You want to work with the pros who’ve dedicated their careers to making walls look great.
3. Design sense and technical skill: Picture hanging is a balance between art and science, and the best installers are masters at both. Many professional picture hangers have fine art or design backgrounds, and have a great eye and sense of style. They balance their design sense with technical knowledge of secure installation techniques and strong problem solving skills.
4. Customer care: True professionals remove their shoes when they enter your home, they’re careful where they place their tools, they’re friendly, approachable, and find it easy to connect with all kinds of people. Reputable companies have stellar client reviews.
Need to find a professional picture hanging service that fits all of the above criteria? ILevel is widely known for our picture hanging and art installation expertise. Our installers have over 100 years collective experience, all of our employees are fine artists, and our clients rave about our friendly, knowledgeable staff. To put the icing on the cake, our white glove service is surprisingly affordable.
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