Hanging Art from the Ceiling

Hanging art from the ceiling is an option that you might consider for any number of reasons. Maybe the wall you want to hang your art on is a difficult surface to drill into, like brick or plaster, or perhaps you don’t want to ruin expensive paneling or wallpaper by putting holes into it. Or, maybe you just like the originality of the idea.  Whatever the reason, there are a few ways your can accomplish hanging art from the ceiling.

Hang art with a cable system
The best and easiest way to suspend art from the ceiling is with a steel cable system. This is what we use for most of our clients who request to hang art this way. It’s both effective and safe, affixing art to the ceiling with a bolt, and it offers a contemporary yet discreet look that complements both modern and transitional decor. Another benefit of using a cable system is that its incredible flexible and can be used with both flat and sloped ceilings. For hanging multiple pieces of art, we also offer a cable system on a track-style mount.

Find out more about our contemporary cable system here.

hanging art from the ceiling
Use a picture rail
If you live in a more traditional space or antique home, a picture rail or picture molding are both beautiful ways to suspend photos from the ceiling while also enhancing architecture and adding to the charm of the space. If your home doesn’t already have a picture rail installed, you can have one hung flush to the ceiling and it will mimic the look of molding.

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