Two of a Kind: Hanging Variations of the Same Art

In terms of strong opinions, art can be as polarizing as politics and religion. People like what they like, and it can be fruitless to try and sway them otherwise. So, when it comes to art, we say, but what you love…even if it means buying different versions of the same piece. We often come across projects that involve hanging multiple works of similar art–the same print in various colors, or a variety of paintings with the same subject–and the result can be beautiful and impactful. Below, a few recent examples of clients who opted for hanging variations of the same art.

A home in the Hamptons gets a pop of color(s) courtesy of prints that cover the spectrum.

contemporary colorful art

Two versions of an abstract graphic painting fit perfectly above a sofa in a model apartment in Manhattan. Using variations on similar art, as seen here, is a good alternative to one big piece when decorating a large space.

contemporary apartment design new york city

A perfect example of how uniformity and similarity can still look interesting and eclectic. Inkblot-style paintings make up a gallery wall in a dining room.

inkblot style paintings

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