Holiday Wall Art Ideas For Above the Fireplace

In the winter, and especially during the holidays, the fireplace becomes a natural gathering spot during quiet family evenings and large seasonal get-togethers alike. Is your fireplace up to the challenge of being the focal point of your room? If not, try these wall art ideas for above the fireplace to beautify the space and make it a spot worth gathering around.

Try a dramatic mirror. A large mirror is among the most dazzling ways to decorate above the fireplace because it will bounce light around the room, instantly giving your space a bright, luminescent quality (perfect for entertaining!). To make the look even more of a style statement, opt for a mirror with an ornate or decorative frame.

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Get festive. Try layering a mirror, or even existing art pieces, with a wreath, a bow, or a garland. (Just make sure you do this only if your art is in a glass frame!) Or, simply replace the art you currently have above the fireplace with an extra-large wreath.

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Rearrange the art you already have. There’s no need to go out and purchase a new piece to impress your guests. Instead, consider rearranging the art you already have in your home so that your best pieces are front and center, perhaps bringing a favorite work down from your bedroom or one of the “private” spaces in your home. You may even love the look so much you keep it that way all year round.

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