Recent ILevel Picture Hanging Projects, November 2015

We’re always on the lookout for the latest trends in wall art and interior design so we can factor them into our projects. As much as we’re inspired by  magazines, blogs, and social media sites like Pinterest, one of our biggest sources of design ideas for our client base is actually our other clients. We’re always awed by the creativity of the interior designers, homeowners, gallerists, and retailers we work with. Below, a sampling of our recent picture hanging projects, all done within a couple weeks of each other, to show just how diverse and unique our clients can be.

First up: a residential art installation in a Manhattan home, which features photography from the client’s collection. It was arranged in a gallery wall format, but all of the edges of the frames were touching.
level wall art hanging, picture hanging projects
Here, a series of photos were hung in a single frame and suspended in front of a Manhattan retail storefront.
level art installation - retail window
We loved the double impact of a gallery wall hung over crosshatch wallpaper in this living room.
ilevel art hanging above sofa

A great idea for a small bathroom: A cluster of mirrors helps reflect light around the room, creating a brighter, airier feel.
mirrors hanging above tub
This gorgeous winding staircase was turned into a gallery thanks to the family’s art collection which spanned the entire length of the stairs.
ilevel staircase gallery wall
Love one of these ideas, or have something unique of your own in mind? Get in touch with ILevel to talk about your project!