How to Decide What to Hang Above the Bed

There are certain spots in the home where we find people have a tougher time deciding what to put in them. Namely: The entryway, above a sofa, and over the bed. Our theory is that these are prominent spots in the home, places that make first impressions and where we spend a lot of time, so there’s pressure to choose the right piece, something that’s beautiful, and speaks to our style and personalities.

So, for the next few weeks, we’re going to tackle each of these three spots, offering some of our favorite ideas for filling them up.

First up: What to hang above the bed.

1. One of the most common solutions is a mirror. Metallic sunburst ones, like the one in the space below, are perfect for a neutral, serene space or a room with a very tight color palette, since it makes a subtle statement and brings a glamorous feel without adding a ton of pattern or color.

4-what to hang above the bed - centsational girl
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 2. If you’re really unsure of what to hang above the bed, and you’re prone to changing your mind, you might want to try a photo shelf. That way, you can swap out art and pictures to your heart’s desire.

2-wall art ideas over the bed
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3. Another idea? A DIY art piece. the one below was made by the homeowner, and has a modern, but rustic and warm feel that plays perfectly with the bird motif on the bedding.

6-art ideas above the bed
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4. Another DIY idea for the creatively inclined: Get a blank white canvas (which can be found online at sites like for as little at $15), and paint a favorite quote, stencil a monogram, or freehand a striped or polka-dot pattern.

1-wall art above bed- lizmarieblog
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5. One of our favorites: A series of black-and-white photos hung from pegs. Choose family photos or ones you’ve taken yourself to add a personal touch.

5-gallery wall above bed - kim allen
Image via Kim Allen, found on Pinterest

6. Last but not least, the space above the bed is a perfect spot for a big, statement-making work of art, especially if you have high ceilings. We’ve seen this idea done of the cheap by hanging wallpaper, and framing around it.

3-art above bed - apartmenttherapy
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Need more help choosing art for above the bed, or hanging what you already have? Get in touch with us to talk about the possibilities for your project!