ILevel Art Hanging Project Featured in Elle Decor

Last week, we showed off a few images of work we did for Tory Burch’s Manhattan office space that appeared in Architectural Digest. Well, it’s been a great month for ILevel, because no sooner did we post those photos, did we spot our art hanging work again, this time in Elle Decor!

The home featured in the spread was designed by one of our favorite people to work with, the incredibly talented designer Steven Gambrel. He was asked by a Manhattan couple to turn their apartment into a chic, colorful, traditional, and slightly whimsical space inspired by a favorite London cocktail bar, the Connaught in the famous Mayfair Hotel. Having been in the home, we can attest that the finished result is nothing short of stunning.

Our role in the project, of course, was to hang the couple’s beautiful art work. Here’s a look at the space.

This is a view of the expansive living room. Such a large space called for wall decor that matched in scale, so we hung two floor mirrors on the wall above the chair rail.

steven gambrel manhattan apartment - ilevel art hangig

Our favorite part of the home, however, was the purple lacquered walls of the sitting room, on which we hung a bold abstract print. The effect was gorgeous. 

gambrel-manhattan apartment - art hanging on lacquered wall

The space below is actually one end of the homeowner’s dining room. Here, we hung photos of the Monaco Grand Prix from a rail, so as not to damage the lovely wallpaper in the room.

art hanging on wallpaper - steve gambrel

For the whole story, head over to Elle Decor. To find out how we can help you make your walls a work of art, contact us!