How to Decide Where to Hang a Mirror

Have a mirror you want to hang? Before you start hammering holes in the walls, make sure it’s in the right spot–one that will enhance, and not detract from, the look of your room. Here are our three top tops for deciding where to hang a mirror.

mirror hanging above drawers

1. Make sure it reflects the good about your home. If there’s something you don’t like about your space, make sure your mirror doesn’t magnify it. You don’t want to hang a mirror across from an overstuffed coat closet or unorganized book shelf, for example. This is also important if you’re planning to use a mirror to make a room look larger. At ILevel we are of two minds regarding mirrors for room enlargement effects. We have seen busy rooms just look twice as busy when a mirror is reflecting all that busyness. Mirrors work best when they reflect simple vignettes (like in the photo above).

2. Think about function. It’s nice to be able to check your reflection before you head out the door in the morning. So, think about hanging a mirror where you’ll be able to use it (again, like in the photo above, where the mirror is hung in an entryway). This also means making sure it’s an appropriate height so everyone living in your home can use it.

3. Hang it in place of windows. If you have a room without a lot of windows, or with windows only on one side, hang the mirror on a wall perpendicular to the windows to create a sense of openness. Mirrors reflect light and can mimic a window when placed in the right spot.

There are also places you can’t go wrong with hanging a mirror, in a purely decorative sense, like centered over a sofa, or hanging above a fireplace mantle.

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