How to Get Involved in Art Basel (Even If You’re Not In Miami)

If you’re part of the art and design community and you’re not in Miami this week attending Design Miami and Art Basel, there’s a good chance you feel like you might be missing out on something. After all, they’re two of the biggest industry events in the world, attracting hundreds of gallerists, thousands of artists, and even more spectators.

But, even if you’re not able to head to Miami (we’re stuck here in New York ourselves) this week, there are a few ways to get involved and stay on top of what’s going on down in sunny Florida.

Support the Manifest Destiny Billboard Project through Art Basel's Crowdfunding campaign; Image via Art Basel
Support the Manifest Destiny Billboard Project through Art Basel’s Crowdfunding campaign; Image via Art Basel
  1. Follow the #ArtBasel hashtag. When a sea of artists and designers heads anywhere these days, you can expect it to be well documented on Instagram. From gallery openings to exclusive parties, you can get a behind-the-scenes look at almost anything happening in Miami by following the #ArtBasel hashtag on Instagram.
  2. Support a kickstarter. Since last year, Art Basel has been hosting crowdfunding campaigns through Kickstarter to support visual art projects around the world (a few spots this year’s projects are located: Pittsburgh, Guatemala City, Dallas, and Mexico City). You can take a look at this year’s spotlight projects and support your favorites here. Or, submit your own work-in-progress for crowdfunding consideration.
  3. Register with Art Basel. If you’re a gallerist, artist, or even just an art-enthusiast, you can register on and gain access to a number of members-only perks, like a portfolio where you can save images of your favorite artists and art on display at the shows, as well as access to the event’s monthly newsletter.