How to Hang Art Around Screens

The big black rectangular screen is ubiquitous and bountiful: some of us have screens in multiple rooms in our homes. Maybe you’re cool with that sleek, contemporary object acting as focal point on the wall. Others would like to minimize its importance (except when it’s turned on, of course!).

For those of you who don’t want to make the screen the star of your living room, you can use art to create a distraction. Here are five ways to hang art around screens.

Decorate It

Adorn your screen with an arrangement of mod mirrors, or another contemporary piece. The screen isn’t hidden in this case. Instead, it’s enhanced by a really great looking piece of art that fits perfectly on the wall around it.

how to hang art around screens















Include It In a Salon Wall

In an ILevel salon wall we can treat a screen like any other piece and make it part of a beautiful arrangement. The screen’s rectangular shape is mirrored by several of the art pieces, giving this wall a considered, thoughtful look. Since we love a good salon wall, this is a great way to hang art around screens.

how to hang art around screens










Surround It

You can place your screen above a console or between shelves and then surround it with artwork. In this case, the screen is balanced by four rectangular pieces oriented vertically. The objects you place on your console or shelves can also distract from the screen.












Frame It

Samsung offers a high tech solution to the blank screen dilemma. The Frame is just that, a framed screen where you can watch when you want, and display art when it’s off. Art Mode showcases “lifelike canvas textures” with its new Matte Display, and gives customers access to 1,400 pieces of art. What a perfect place to display your NFTs.

You can also simply frame your screen, like in this lovely low tech solution.

hang art around screens














Hide It

If you really want to go stealth mode, you can hide a screen behind the artwork of your choice. You can purchase a cabinet with space for art on the front, or simply prop a large canvas over your screen when it’s not in use. A large, unframed canvas is easiest to move when you’re ready to binge watch.











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