A Summer Art Refresh With NYC’s Best Art Installer

Summer is about getting out of the house, right? But you have to be inside sometimes, and when you’re home you want your decor to reflect the summer vibe you’re feeling while you’re out and about. Just like we change up our wardrobe for a new season, it’s refreshing to make some subtle changes inside our homes. Bringing new art into your home, or moving some existing pieces is an easy way to revitalize your interiors to reflect a new season. Here are three examples of a summer art refresh with NYC’s best art installer.

This comfortable, colorful nook has a great warm weather feeling. A grid of five photographs shot on bold backgrounds reflects the themes of summer: food and fun. The ships add a nautical touch. The red bench seat is a perfect spot to rest and recharge before your next adventure.

summer art refresh












Another lovely bench seat, this one crowned by a large painting of four young girls relaxing together. The blue background suggests water, adding to the summer feel of this seating area.

summer art refresh


















Come home to this calm crib, and continue to feel the ocean breezes blowing. A large piece depicting a beach scene hangs above the daybed. Take a seat in this restful spot and relive your memories of your day, and look forward to your next outing.

summer art refresh



















For more summer art refresh ideas, check out some of our projects from the archives.

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