How to Hang Large Art and Heavy Mirrors

One of the most common requests we get at ILevel is from people who need help hanging a large or heavy mirror or piece of art. Clients want to be sure the piece is safely handled, that the integrity of the frame will be preserved, and that the piece will be hung securely to the wall. When you hang large art and heavy mirrors, there are a few important factors that will ensure you’ll meet those three important considerations.

  1. Have enough people to hang the piece: “Make sure there are enough people to safely handle it,” says ILevel employee Scott Stevenson Wilson. “You don’t want to be fighting the size/weight of the piece, and it should be moved in a smooth fashion.”
  2. Use d-rings: “Do not wire the work,” Stevenson Wilson cautions. “Unless the frame is re-enforced, the force can break the frame. It should be hung from the sides of the frame (d-rings) or a cleat if one is attached. So two hanging points will be used, this provides strength and stability.
  3. Make sure it’s in the right spot: This seems obvious, but because large and heavy art is so cumbersome to hang, you’ll want to get it right the first time. It’s especially important to make sure that both the d-rings and the nails are in the right spots, so use a spirit level.
  4. Bring in reinforcements: Oftentimes the hooks provided with the piece or that can be bought at the average hardware store are inadequate for heavier art. “In place or in conjunction with a three-nail hook, a screw should be used,” says Stevenson Wilson advises. “Drilling out the wall, inserting plastic anchors and using a 1.5″-2.5″ screw (#10 or #12) are all good ways to reinforce the hanging points. For additional strength in a hollow wall a toggle bolt can be used. Using a stud is always good, but they are rarely where you need them.”