Art Trends from High Point Spring Market 2013

A few weeks back, we posted on the popularity of “the statement art piece“–a large or bold piece of art the serves as the focal point for a room. After keeping a close watch on last week’s High Point Spring Market (also known as the “fashion week” of the interior design community) through various blogs and social media, we realized we weren’t the only ones honing in on this trend. Many of the art dealers at the show seemed to be highlighting the effect a single, large work of art can have on a space. Here, a few examples we found on social media.

A bold, colorful piece–from High Point Exhibitor CHC Art — hung over a low-profile bed breaks up a monotone bedroom and gives it a finished look. We found this photo on the High Point Market Pinterest page, a great visual resource for tracking the latest from North Carolina.

Photo via Pinterest

Ok, so technically, this is two pieces, but the result is the same. We found this piece on the High Point Market Pinterest page, too, courtesy of exhibitor Art Addiction.

Art addiction high point market
Photo via Pinterest

Apparently, equestrian art was also a big trend this year. This tapestry from Tapestries LTD is a more casual take on the statement art idea.

high point market art tapestry
Photo via Pinterest

A dramatic room at High Point Market by Portland designer Dorya Interiors is made even moreso by a painting in the likeness of a Greek statue.