Change the Look of Your Room With a Statement Art Piece

When choosing art for your home, there are an overwhelming number of options. Color or black-and-white? Large or small? Abstract or realist? Photography or paint? One of the most common dilemmas is the decision to choose a variety of smaller pieces for your room, or instead opt for one large, statement-making work of art.

While we’re fans of both choices, the statement art piece can set the tone for and add a focal point to a room like little else can. Here’s a look at some recent ILevel projects in which a singular art piece was all that was needed.

Large wall art

A large black-and-white piece anchors a sofa in a living room.

statement art piece example

This sizable photo is a perfect example of a statement art piece.


This picture definitely makes a statement–it’s loud, it’s bright and it’s big. This piece, which hangs in the Manhattan apartment of interior designer Jamie Drake, was installed by ILevel and featured in Architectural Digest.