Liven-Up Your Office With Corporate Art Installations

There’s a lot happening in the world of corporate design right now. Companies are increasingly exploring options not just for the functional and ergonomic configuration of their office space, but for aesthetics as well. In fact, according to an independent 2006 study by Gensler, 90 percent of employees felt that a well-designed, pleasant looking workplace lead to better employee performance.

A great way to enhance the design of your office space is to add interesting and exciting art. Corporate art installations have come far: No longer are the only appropriate options framed photos of the company’s early headquarters and pictures of board-members-past on conference room walls. Companies are thinking creatively about what will truly liven up their space while also staying true to their brand. Here, examples of a few recent corporate art installations completes by ILevel, to help you get thinking about the possibilities for your own office.
The offices at Sweet and Low display branded art in a fun way.

Warhol silkscreens of Marilyn Monroe add energy and major cool factor to an office lobby.
j crew 
A gallery wall inside the J. Crew corporate office.
jcrewoffice copy

More wall art in the J. Crew office.