Creating Visual Impact With a Symmetrical Wall Gallery

Currently in interior design, there is a big trend toward the creation of thoughtfully random, eclectic collections of photos on a wall (for proof, just take a look on Pinterest). We love this approach, and certainly create it for many of our clients (like in the project shown below).

eclectic modern wall gallery 1

While there’s a distinct beauty to the “methodic madness” approach, there’s also much to be said for a perfectly symmetrical wall gallery. The visual impact that’s created through such a precise, well-thought out arrangement of photos is hard to beat.

symmetrical wall gallery 1

A symmetrical wall gallery like this works best with art that is similar in nature, like in the photos above and below. It’s a great option for collectors who have multiple pieces from a single artist, or those who have a distinct “theme” they are going after in their room.

symmetrical wall gallery 2

Creating such a precise arrangement takes a lot of prior planning, so if you’re attempting to DIY this type of project, be sure to have a pencil, level and tape measure handy! For those who’d rather leave such an exact job to the pros, ILevel counts this sort of installation as one of our specialities, so give us a call to get started on your symmetrical wall gallery at (212) 477-4319.

symmetrical wall gallery 3