How to Protect Art From Fading

A challenge most fine art collectors face is how to protect art from fading over the years. Whether it be due to time spent hanging in the sun, or other environmental factors, all art is susceptible to fading. But, there are plenty of precautions that can be taken to prevent fading. Here are a few great tips for preserving art.
protect art from sun
1. Know what’s durable…and what’s not.

Certain mediums are more apt to fade in the sun than others, so hang your art accordingly. Works on paper (including photography) are most fragile, and should be kept completely clear of direct sunlight. Oil paintings, on the other hand, especially those behind a glass frame, are far more resilient in the sun (an exception to this rule is paintings where parts of the canvas is showing, as sunlight can damage canvas).

2. Install protective window treatments.

Window treatments like solar shades, which can block up to 90% of UV rays, should be considered if you’re hanging works of high value (or high sentimental value) near direct or indirect sunlight. Solar shades can even be installed on a timer system, so they automatically close during the times of highest sun exposure, and open for the rest of the day.

3. Use UV glass frames.

Don’t feel like replacing your window treatments? Consider choosing a different picture frame for your art, instead. Frames made with museum glass contain a silica coating that provides conservation-grade protection from damaging UV rays. (Although conservation glass is proven to block around 97% of UV rays, we  still recommend keeping works on paper out of direct sunlight.)

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