The Importance of Retail Store Design

The best retail stores are visually stimulating, engaging experiences. From the art hanging on the walls, to the way product is displayed, every design detail positively impacts the way a customer feels about the brand, the company, and spending time in the store.

We’ve worked with many retail stores–from major chains like J. Crew, to small downtown cafes, and everything in-between–on creating beautiful artwork and product displays that enhance the brand experience and inspire shoppers to linger. Here are a few of our favorite examples from recent months and years’ past, which create a sense of place and capture the essence of the company.

1. The stylish sportswear company. In this recent project, the retailer came up with an innovative new way to showcase their latest footwear offerings. We used line suspended from ceiling rails, and three-dimensional cubes to create a graphic, floating display.
cool retail store display
2. The downtown cafe. The owners of this fun farm-to-table cafe in New York City wanted to convey their dedication to sourcing the best local ingredients, while also establishing a hip brand that matched their neighborhood. The large cow picture at the center of the store achieved the former, while gallery-style artwork portraying various design icons helped establish the latter.
wall art in a cafe
3. The major retailer. This gallery wall was created for the J. Crew store on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. The seasonal display–set out for spring– complemented the earthy, no-frills vibe of the collection. retail store wall art 2
4. The men’s shop. The below gallery wall was also designed for J. Crew, but a completely different audience: men. The J. Crew men’s shop is designed to evoke wood-paneled offices, hunting lodges, and clubhouses, thus the art had to reflect this atmosphere. Vintage ads, black-and-white photography, and abstract paintings in a neutral palette were hung to create a masculine vibe.
retail store wall art 3
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