ILevel New York’s Gallery Wall in the Washington Post

ILevel founder David Kassel talks about gallery walls with the Washington Post. The most interesting gallery walls are highly personal and include art, photographs, and objects unique to the collector. Once you’ve gathered your art and objects, ILevel provides the service of helping to arrange and install them in a visually appealing way. While it might seem easy to DIY-it, a professional art installer’s eye and technical expertise can take your gallery wall to a whole new level, or up the staircase, or around the corner.

Here are some of the gallery walls we’ve recently installed in NYC and beyond:

Gallery wall of various paintings
Color, theme, and size variation create interest in this living room
Gallery wall up a curved staircase
You’re invited up this beautiful curved staircase to view this artfully arranged gallery wall
Small sitting room with gallery walls on three walls
A perfect space for great conversation inspired by three gallery walls
Many family photos in black and white frames on a staircase wall
One frame color brings cohesion to this arrangement of family photos

For help with a gallery wall or other art placement and installation project, call ILevel at 212.477.4319 or email us.