New York City’s Best Picture Hanging Service Installs Way More Than Pictures

In our three decades as New York City’s best picture hanging service, we’ve placed some fascinating collections on our clients’ walls. We’ve installed groups of album covers from favorite bands, menus from favorite restaurants, and collections of champagne corks from memorable evenings. Like family photos, these collections highlight personal memories and interests. When choosing what to put on your walls, start thinking outside the frame. Here’s some food for thought:

A collection of weather vanes displayed on a yellow wall
Weather vanes





A display of blue and white plates on a white wall
A collection of blue and white plates from around the globe





A collection of hand carved wooden canes
Hand carved wooden canes from Stefan Steil for the Kip’s Bay Decorator Show House 2018












Art installing with a display of album covers
A collection of album covers




Nine skateboard decks arranged on a wall
A collection of artist designed skateboard decks




A collection of electric guitars
Electric guitars
6 rustic bread and cheese boards arranged on a wall
Bread and cheese boards
An arrangement of antique stove tops on a wall
Antique stove tops

For ideas and assistance installing your next collection, call ILevel at 212.477.4319 or email ILevel.