Professional Picture Hanging Service in NYC Installs a Family Photo Wall

ILevel, a professional picture hanging service in NYC, installs many stunning family photo walls on a weekly basis. Here’s a look at one of ILevel’s recent family photo wall installations with a peak into our design process. First, we lay the frames out on the floor and arrange them in a variety of ways before falling in love with a finished design. In this case, we’re working with a variety of frame sizes, colors, and orientations, and a mix of black and white and color photos. To create a cohesive design, we build the arrangement around a center line and expand from there.

Our designer/installers, who are all artists by training, describe this process as “laying out a puzzle with no right or wrong answers.” After brainstorming and discussion, a particular design begins to look and feel right to our team and the homeowner.

Family photos laid out on the floor before installation on the wall
We create layout options on the floor around a center line
A family photo gallery wall
From the floor to fabulous!

ILevel’s installers are experts in the design and installation of family photo walls. We’ve got many more examples to share with you, for example, here and here.

If you’d love a family photo gallery wall of your own, check out our Services, and get in touch with us at or 212.477.4319. We’ve love to help you take your family photos from the floor to fabulous!