Inspiration for Art Above the Bed

There are certain spots in the home that almost demand artwork: the area above a sofa, the space above a fireplace mantle, and of course, the spot above the bed. In fact, the latter is also one of the most popular spots for our clients to ask us to hang artwork. If you’re currently staring at a big, empty space between the top of your headboard and the ceiling, here is some inspiration for art above the bed, from recent projects we’ve done around the New York City area

First: a country space that proves you don’t even need to hang “art” in the traditional sense. The client instead chose a selection of antique decorative plates to fill the space. If plates aren’t your thing, consider hanging hats, dried wreaths, baskets, or sculpture instead.
art above the bed
This is a great nontraditional example for twin beds or day beds that are placed directly alongside a wall: here, we did a gallery wall-style arrangement above the side of the bed.
art above the bed
This example is from the same home as the first photo. The country vibe is similar, but this arrangement includes framed artwork and a bird statuette, arranged in a shape that mimics the headboard.
art above the bed
Just because bunkbeds reach up toward the ceiling doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be accompanied by art. Here, a simple map sits above the top bunk.
art above the bed
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