Manhattan Art Hanger Installs Unique Light Fixture

The installers at ILevel, a Manhattan art hanger, love a good challenge. Case in point, this unique light fixture. The product is described by the company’s website as “flexible, configurable lighting with limitless design possibilities.” Adding to this open-ended assignment, the homeowner gave the ILevel team complete artistic freedom to create a one-of-a-kind design. This project presented a challenge that required problem-solving skills, technical expertise, and creativity.

The Design Challenge

Design sense, the ability to know what goes where and how to get it there, is a core skill for every ILevel team member. Also, we excel at uncovering and interpreting client tastes. Starting with a blank page, the ILevel team brainstormed some design influences, and ultimately drew inspiration from a mid-century modern aesthetic. For example, the piece below gave us creative direction. As you’ll see, we were also thinking about spider webs!

Manhattan art hanger













Tricky Technical Issues

Next, we had to tackle the technical issues. The product comes with a lengthy and complex installation guide, and recommends that a licensed electrician install the fixture. While not electricians, the ILevel team was undaunted by this tricky problem. Specifically, our design ideas had to incorporate specific cable lengths, anchor screw and ceiling peg placement, and ensure that the three light fixtures hang at the same height.

The Installation Process

The team created this design and made a prototype with blue painter’s tape. Here’s Scott checking in with the client. What do you think?

Manhattan art hanger












After getting the go ahead from the homeowner, we began laying the cables over the painter’s tape.












And here’s the final design, beautifully and precisely installed by this Manhattan art hanger.

Manhattan art hanger












ILevel is no stranger to unique and complicated art installation issues. For example, here’s a look at some of the most original wall art we’ve ever hung. For help with your art installation conundrums, give us a call at 212.477.4319 or email