Art Hanging Tips from NYC Art Installation Company

David Kassel, the owner of ILevel, a NYC art installation company, was featured this week in the New York Times. (not for the first time, mind you!) The article, titled “The Stress-Free Way to Hang Art,” offers tips for DIY art installation. We know a truly stress-free way to hang your art: call ILevel, NYC’s best art installation company.

If you decide to make a go of it yourself, David and others offer some important tips. David’s most sage advice: “It’s not rocket science,” and “it can easily be changed,” with minimal wall damage.

One of ILevel’s amazing grids was featured in the article. Fifteen botanical prints, sourced and framed by David, make up this beautiful arrangement. Looked at individually, you see the intricate details of each piece. Taken as a whole, the prints appear as if in a kaleidoscope, with colors and lines moving in and out of the frames. In the article, this grid is an example of how important spacing is when hanging pictures. This is also a great example of design sense, knowing which piece goes where in the grid. The placement of each piece is intentional.

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While psychiatrists may disagree about the validity of Rorschach prints as a diagnostic tool, everyone knows the inkblot prints make great conversation starters. This grid of ten inkblots appears in The Times article as another example of how to use spacing in art installation. David mentions one of his favorite ways to hang pieces in a grid: hang a row of pieces with the tops of the frames aligned at 59 inches from the floor. Then hang another row above, with the bottoms of the frames aligned at 61 inches. This creates a cohesive, designed look with an interesting free-form element.













There are many other tips in the article, and we encourage you to read about them. You can read about D-rings, and the weight rating for picture hooks. But will that really relieve your art installation anxiety? Nah. Then put your mind to rest and call ILevel at 212.477.4319 or email